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Pastors appreciation & 12th Genesis Celebration

More Than Conquerors Church History by Pastor William L. Crest

It was a normal day in the workplace, Christian Broadcasting Network, approaching the lunch hour as Sharon and I were given what appeared to be a strange prophecy. The prophet emphatically said he saw us preaching in the country on the back of a truck to a people that were crying out for a ministry like ours. This was very strange simply because neither of us were in the preaching ministry yet. There were also a couple of other prophecies, which stated that we would have a church in an urban area and another prophet said; “GOD was going to give me a church”.

Let’s fast forward approximately 7 years later, after a bizarre series of events November 21, 1999, More Than Conquerors Church held its first service in the Founders Inn (Christian Broadcasting Network campus). The strange prophecy had indeed been fulfilled because as it mentioned the country, we met the nine founding members while preaching at a lovely church deep in rural Virginia Beach. While preaching at that church, my father passed away and I inherited his truck. So, remarkably two unlikely elements of the prophecy occurred, the country and the truck.

The third element was the crying out for a ministry like ours, which was affirmed by the cohesive relationship we developed with those who would become the founding members of MTC. Every word I spoke seemed to address an insatiable hunger and thirst for Jesus deep inside of them. The Lord spoke to my spirit about starting MTC and I talked it over with my pastor, Bishop Samuel Carruth. The Bishop affirmed the call and we were released with his blessing to pursue launching the church. Amazingly, something else happened while we dined together after the first service. We had not seen the prophet for several years since he gave us the first prophecy, but to our great surprise he was in the same restaurant that day. Having discovered us, he entered the back room where we were all dining. Suddenly, the Holy Spirit fell on him and he prophesied to each member until he finished, after which he immediately left the facility. Needless to say, we were all stunned by this sign and wonder, crying and praising GOD.

MTC’s beginning was miraculous and very eventful, which has continued even until this present time. Many lives have been touched by Jesus, hundreds of salvations, divine healings, thousands of dollars have been sown into the lives of the poor. MTC financially supports benevolent ministries in Africa, India, and here in the US. MTC has conducted marriage conferences, small group ministry, youth events and many other events and milestones.

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