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Romans 8:37 Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.

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My name is Sheree' and I'm a living testimony that (I am) More Than Conquerors! I'm alive! Walking in the light as He is in the light. The enemy thought he had me, but I'm still standing, I'm back home with the Lord and I'm still striving. Not by my strength, not by my power, not by anything I've done, but by Him who loved me!

While attending Kent State University, I got saved at the tender age of 19 years old. After two years of walking with the Lord, the devil deceived me into thinking I could make it on my own. For the next 20 years I lived a life of sin.

I was a successful Graphic Designer/Web Designer, but also an alcoholic and drug user. Realizing in 2000 I was out of control, I fell to my knees and cried out to the Lord. Repeatedly saying; "I give you praise and glory heavenly Father, forgive me for my sins." I could say nothing else. Suddenly the entire room swelled with His unconditional love and I heard Him say, "Sheree', I love you!" I still continued for the next 8 years in sin, but didn't realize all the while God was leading me back to Him. I thought a geographical change would fix my problems so I took a job in Virginia. Unbeknownst to me, it was the Lord leading me to Virginia because I was able to rent a U Haul without a license and I received a miracle while traveling to Virginia. Having run out of gas, a complete stranger gave me $60 dollars cash and a full tank of gas to reach my destination. Arriving in Virginia and thinking that I would start a fresh new life; it didn't take long before I was searching for drugs again. Can you believe it, as soon as I reached Virginia! Miraculously, after 8 years of using drugs and struggling to quit, I stopped 3 months after arriving in Virginia Beach, but sunk more into alcohol.
After a series of events, laid off from the job that relocated me here, finally accepting another job, working for $50,000 less, I lost my apartment. So I became homeless and slept wherever I could, cargo train cars, someone's hotel room, a building under construction, a shed in a parking lot, my storage unit, even six nights under a tree.
Then I discovered a local church which picked up the homeless once a month to serve them a meal, show two movies and conduct a Bible study. Look at me, I had fallen from the mountain top to the bottom of the bottom. My income had dropped from almost $100,000 a year to a meager unemployment check. I, the consummate cosmopolitan, career woman was relegated to a scared, shamed person, reduced to the state of mere survival. Amazingly, the Lord through His infinite love was still reaching out to me.
Ironically, the first time I went to the church who picked up the homeless, a member from More Than Conquerors invited me to her church, but I didn't go. I scraped up enough money to buy an old car where I could sleep and listen to Christian radio and the Bible on CD.
Now a year and 3 months into homelessness, a member from Beach Fellowship gave me a slip of paper that I discovered months later, (since I never read it) suggested I attend a church called More Than Conquerors. The Lord was leading me to MTC before I knew He was. Three months later, standing at a fork in the road, (either to choose a life of hopelessness and darkness or say "Yes, Lord," I felt compelled to attend PIN's (People in Need) Sunday dinner, fellowship and bible study. I recently heard someone say on TBN that God has another name called "Something." That Something told me to go and low and behold a Feed My Sheep MTC ministry was their serving food and loving on people. A member prayed for me and gave me MTC's business card. That day was Sunday.
The next day while sitting in my car, I looked on the back of MTC's business card and when I saw Tuesday noon bible study, I determined at that moment, "I'm there!" Tuesday I went to MTC for their noonday Bible Study and the Pastor introduced himself to me after teaching. We shared a few words, and then I left. But later that day, I called MTC, realizing my destitution. The co-Pastor, Pastor Sharon, answered and immediately responded to my desperation. I found out later normally they would not have been their that time of day. Over the phone, I asked to meet with them, they agreed, then I tried to renege on it, but Pastor Sharon would not let me back out and told me we would meet the next morning until God says to end the meeting. We met that next day at 9am and after a very lengthy conversation, they invited me to lunch. After lunch we return to the church to part our ways. Then the most incredible thing happened. They invited me to stay at the church! Shocked and amazed, I told them I would come back that night for Bible study and would let them know then.

I went back for Bible study that night, and agreed to stay at the church and for roughly the next 9 months I lived inside the church, the length of time its to give birth to a child. God re-birthed me! I spent a tremendous amount of time with the Pastors most days, either at the church or at their home. Mandates were set requiring me to attend all prayer, preaching and teaching services. If it had not been for their exhausted efforts with me and setting mandates, I would not have made it.

They took a complete stranger off the street, gave me a safe home and demonstrated the unconditional love of Christ through their intense efforts for me to grow and stand on the solid rock. Without a doubt, the powerful hand of Jesus carried me from Houston, Texas which had become my Egypt to the promise land, Virginia Beach, straight through the doors of More Than Conquerors Church. It would take 8 long years before I walked through that door, and lost everything along the way, but oh my God, I gained more than anything this world had to offer. I'm richer than I've ever been. He has rained down in me more joy and peace than I ever could imagine even in the mist of my brokeness.

The Lord took me out of my car, into a structure with 4 walls, a roof, and in the middle a sanctuary, under the care of two Pastors, who guided me and taught me, (and put up with me). They feed me milk, (the Bible) and because of their love and commitment, I'm walking in the light brought from darkness back into his marvelous light!

January 16th, 2011 I celebrated my 3rd anniversary walking through the door of More Than Conquerors Church. I have a small apartment, a job and attending school about to complete my certification as a web developer.

What a privilege and an honor to get to go to church, to sing praises to His name, to dance unto the Lord and have so much fun. Nothing I did out there in the world compares to being the righteousness of God, walking in holiness, being God's ambassador, salt and light. How is it He would use someone like me to let His light so shine? How great is our God!


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But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord.

2 Corinthians 3:18


"From Egypt to the Promise Land."
Read how the mighty hand of God delivered me from darkness BACK into his marvelous light!

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